Shepherd Elliot Wave

Shepherd Elliot Wave


This indicator automatically detects Elliott Waves on any timeframe and plots them on your chart depending on complicated algorithms.



  • Finds the points and draws the lines automatically
  • Ease of use
  • This is the most perfect indicator of Elliott waves indicators
  • You can use it in an EA



When pattern of waves appears, enter the market and keep the deal open till the price reaches the potential target rectangle. Keep in mind that this may not happen at all times. I recommend launching the indicator on several timeframes with several ZigZag values to see all the models.



  • Use_Base_wave - enable/disable waves viewing
  • Bearish_Wave_Color
  • Bullish_Wave_Color
  • More_Accuracy - enable/disable waves accuracy (waves will follow custom Fibonacci proportions)
  • zzDepth - ZigZag depth
  • zzDev - ZigZag dev
  • zzBack - ZigZag back
  • Objects_ID - this id will be written at the start of all object names that drawn on a chart
  • FontSize - font size for all texts that indicator creates
  • FontColor - font color for all texts that indicator creates
  • Proportions_View - enable/disable proportions viewing
  • Proportions_Color
  • Potential_Reverse_View - enable/disable Potential_Reverse rectangle viewing
  • Show_Targets - enable/disable Potential_Target rectangle viewing
  • Targets_Color
  • CountBars - historical bars to be calculated
  • UseAlert - enable/disable alert using
  • UseNotification - enable/disable Push_Notification using
  • UseMail - enable/disable Email_Notification using
  • Use_Panel - enable/disable info panel
  • Lot_Factor - number, by which an account balance is divided to calculate the lot size
  • Use_System_Visuals - enable/disable colors of system using



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