Shepherd Control Panel

It is a Manual Tool that attached to the chart and let user to open orders (buy & sell ) with many functions:

  • Ability to build grid depending on orders you open.
  • Ability to Close opened orders and delete pending orders.
  • Ability to close orders with close by function.
  • Ability to set magic and comment for orders.
  • Ability to use trailing step function.
  • Ability to use lot increase function (for Grid).
  • Ability to use money management function.



  • Default_Magic_Number - Default magic number value.
  • Default_TP - Default target Point Value.
  • Default_SL - Default Stop loss value.
  • Order_Comment - Default orders comment.
  • Use_Money_Management - Default (Enable Disable) money management function.
  • Risk_Percent - Default Risk Percent.
  • Manual_Lot - Default Manual lot size value.
  • Use_Trailing - Default (Enable Disable) Trailing stop function.
  • Trail_Step - Default Trailing step value.
  • Use_Grid_Builder - Default (Enable Disable) Grid builder function.
  • Default_Grid_Step - Default Grid step value.
  • Use_Lot_Increase - Default (Enable Disable) Lot increase function for grid builder.
  • Increase_value - Default value for lot increasing.


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