Shepherd Pivots

Shepherd Pivots is A technical indicator that Draws all Pivot levels depending on time frame that defined in settings.



  • It will be good tool for all traders who use pivot levels in their trades.
  • Let me inform you that this indicator draw this level as buffers not as objects then you can connect it easily to EA.
  • This indicator allow you to find pivots levels for any time frame not only daily you are free to choose time frame from settings.



  • Use_System_Visuals - Enable /Disable System Visuals.
  • Time_Frame - Time Frame to Calc Pivot Levels From it
  • Show_Levels_Name - Enable /Disable Names Of levels drawing on chart.
  • Show_Pivot_Line - Enable /Disable Pivot Line Drawing.
  • Pivot_Line - Pivot Line Color.
  • Show_SR_Levels - Enable /Disable Support and resistance calculated levels Drawing.
  • Support_Line - Support Lines Color.
  • Resistance_Line - Resistance Lines Color.



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